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    At LiveFire we can help you out with your first visit to a range.

    We can help improve your shooting.

    "As a fairly new shooter, LiveFire's Introduction to Handguns was just what I needed to feel comfortable at the range. The techniques and tips provided during the session were highly valuable in helping me better my accuracy. Alan's in depth knowledge of firearms and the related sports was a definite bonus in helping me navigate my way into the sport." S.K.

    LiveFire Introduction to Handguns

    New to handguns or shooting in general and want to learn how to shoot in a controlled environment while getting personalized One-on-One Coaching?

    You will get to shoot a .22cal Semi-Automatic Handgun (A Sig-Sauer P226), a 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun (A Sig-Sauer P226). Learn the fundamentals of shooting on a smaller calibre firearm, then advance to a larger calibre, while maintaining a familiar platform.

    Grip, stance, natural shooting position, sight picture, and trigger control will all be covered.

    Included in the course fee are:

    Prerequisite: None. A firearms licence (PAL) is not required.

    Scheduling is based on your availability.

    Location: Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop

    Course Fee:$179.00

    Call Alan at 780-413-7597 to register. Or email us at Coaching

    "Good, knowledgeable, professional service provided" Introduction to Handguns Student

    NCCP certified coach.

    Five years in the Canadian Armed Forces, serving with The Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

    IPSC Black Badge Qualified.